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About ReedsBay

Reeds Bay Investment Group is an investment management firm. We design, deliver, and manage niche commercial real estate (“CRE”) strategies on behalf of institutions and other sophisticated investors. ReedsBay specializes in income-oriented investments that leverage our expertise, process, and access to middle-market CRE investments throughout the United States.

ReedsBay’s clients rely on us to grow and enhance their investment portfolios. Additionally, we empower the investees of our capital, oftentimes local entrepreneurs, to undertake impactful projects that transform assets and communities.

Our Story

Randall Drain is the founder and Managing Partner of ReedsBay. His real estate investment and finance experience includes real estate private equity, investment banking, and public policy.

ReedsBay benefits from the distinct and overlapping experiences of its Partners and Advisory Board, which are comprised of seasoned investment and business professionals with seven decades of cumulative experience. The team’s investment expertise spans CRE origination, underwriting, credit structuring, servicing, and asset management.

Additionally, each ReedsBay team member has successfully launched, managed, and grown principal investment businesses. Leadership’s synthesis of investment and business disciplines is fundamental to our culture and our core values.

ReedsBay’s Core Values

  • RigorIt is our duty to constantly hone our skills, broaden our experience and channel those firm assets with creativity in pursuit of solutions.
  • EfficiencyWe purposefully and perpetually look for improvements that drive value for our stakeholders.
  • Integrity
  • ...of Character – We do no intentional harm to stakeholders, to colleagues, to society.
  • ...of Process – Our focus on consistent excellence in tasks big and small yields repeatable results. 
  • ...of Intellect – We prioritize vigorous debate, logic and evidence in our analysis and decision making.
  • Collaboration We promote respect and proactive engagement among all our team members to harness the team’s myriad strengths, experiences and approaches, thereby driving performance.
  • TransparencyWe believe that healthy partnerships flourish with information symmetry and clear communication.

Key Stakeholders


ReedsBay offers Investors access to our risk-tailored investment strategies, which are anchored by secured investments in high-quality CRE assets throughout the United States.

We offer competitive net returns through the firm’s commitment to incentive alignment and continuous optimization of our platform and processes.


ReedsBay provides Borrowers reliable capital that adds value to commercial real estate assets, facilitates transactional success, and drives impact for business plan objectives


David Eyzenberg
David is a voting member of Investment Committee and an equity partner in ReedsBay. In addition to his proven entrepreneurial skills, David brings deep origination, CRE structuring, and investment banking experience to ReedsBay’s investment process. David coordinates the firm’s origination efforts. His stellar reputation and track record attract quality project sponsors with compelling investment opportunities ...
Portrait of Randall Drain
Randall Drain
Randall is the Managing Partner and Founder of Reeds Bay Investment Group (“ReedsBay”), where he developed and oversees the firm’s investment process. In addition, Randall drives capital formation for all manifestations of the firm’s investment strategies. Launching ReedsBay is a mile marker on an inter-generational journey propelled by Randall’s curiosity, candor, persistence, and growth. In pursuit of excellence and impact, Randall ...
Todd Lippiatt
Todd is a voting member of Investment Committee and an equity partner in ReedsBay. In addition to his chief executive and founder experience within other boutique principal investment firms, specifically those with real estate investment strategies, Todd brings to ReedsBay his extensive experience investing several CRE credit and credit-like products, across a variety of distinct markets. A problem solver at heart...
Steven Sanders Portrait
Steven L. Sanders
Steven is the founder and Chairman of Beltraith Capital. Over the past 30 years Steven has been fine-tuning his skills in the investment industry. He and several prominent entrepreneurs in Philadelphia formed Beltraith Capital in 2008 to execute his vision to provide solution-driven investment strategies through minority owned and operated investment management firms. Beltraith’s owned and incubated entities, Stoneridge Investment Partners, Stoneridge ...
Ravi Reddy
As a ReedsBay Advisory Board member, Ravi provides deep development & construction expertise to the firm. Ravi is a premier general contractor that honed his skills building over 1 million square feet in the nation’s most challenging development markets. He provides ReedsBay invaluable access to timely information and insights that strengthen the firm’s investment analysis and underwriting capabilities. Also, as a founder, Ravi provides a wealth of business insights ...
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