Income-Focused Investment Solutions

Investment Philosophy

ReedsBay’s investment solutions are developed through persistent observation of thematic and systemic trends. Our approach reflects an understanding of CRE valuation cycles, demographic trends, property life cycles, and inter-market capital flows. In addition to its analytically rigorous approach, Reedsbay’s commitment to tactical flexibility allows the firm to be proactively responsive to market uncertainties and to deliver consistent results.

ReedsBay Tactical Credit Opportunities

Delivering Quality CRE Credit to Institutional Investors

Investor Benefits

Compelling Risk-Adjusted Returns
Comparable returns with less volatility relative to other major asset classes

Income-focused Return Attribution
Current income orientation reduces return reliance on CRE asset appreciation
Two-Tiered Portfolio Diversification 
Niche CRE credit Strategy complements other asset classes while also providing diversification within real allocations

Real Asset-Secured Interests
CRE-secured investments in major markets help to preserve capital

Moderated Duration Risk
Floating-rate & short-term loans offset interest rate and duration risk

Asset-Level Transparency
Investor-focused origination facilitates transparency and alignment

Strategy Highlights

  • Our nimble and solution-driven approach targets domestic middle-market CRE investments such as bridge loans, development financings, property repositioning and recapitalizations.
  • The Strategy’s portfolios consist of short- and intermediate-term investments capitalizing CRE projects that enhance and contribute to their markets.
  • Our fixed- and floating-rate investments are secured by senior mortgages, B-notes, mezzanine loans and pledged equity.
  • The Strategy is fueled by our direct origination model, which thrives by cultivating relationships among a variety of experienced owners, operators, developers and intermediaries.
  • The Strategy captures illiquidity and complexity premia and may invest opportunistically in secondary market positions.
ReedsBay encourages prospective Investors to contact the firm for current offerings and key terms